An Munia Tober is a Traveller support organisation dedicated to the reduction of inequalities that effect the Traveller population in Greater Belfast through improvements in health, housing, education/training, economic, young people’s outcomes and integration activities.  

Since An Munia Tober became part of the Bryson Charitable Group in April 2012 the charity has developed and implemented a range of programmes for Travellers that respond to the identified needs of this indigenous ethnically margnialised group as identified in the Northern Ireland Race Relations Order (1997).

Through developing and maintaining partnership approaches to working with Travellers, local communities, relevant statutory and voluntary bodies and other minority ethnic groups, An Munia Tober continues to promote good relations, integration and the building of community cohesion.

An Munia Tober exists to:

·         Promote understanding and respect for diversity in Northern Ireland.

·         Promote good relations, reduce racism and community tension and increase the integration potential for Travellers to participate and engage more positively in Northern Ireland society through the provision of cultural awareness training and information sessions.

·         Support and give practical help to the most vulnerable Travellers who are at risk of losing their housing tenures

·         Increase the positive health outcomes of Travellers, which have been identified in the All Ireland Health Study (2010) and the Belfast Trust Action Plan (2012) as a key priority, by the delivery of a Traveller specific Health Programme which reflects the Health Needs of this community.  This will improve the physical and mental health status of the Traveller community which will, as a result, ensure they are in a better position to integrate into society.  

·         Increase the educational and training prospects of Traveller Young People, as identified by the Education Taskforce, to provide them with the same opportunities as their peers from other backgrounds and be in a position to make a positive contribution to Northern Ireland economy and society. 

·         Engage with the children and young Travellers aged 9 to 14 years to provide a range of activities as well as addressing key issues including the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and anti-social behaviour and to provide integration opportunities with other settled youth groups.

·         Advocate on behalf of and with Travellers in accessing and benefiting from the public sector ensuing equity of service. 

·         Respond to newly identified need, and where appropriate establish and participate in multi-agency responses and forums to design and deliver culturally appropriate services. 

·         Influence and support public, voluntary and community bodies in the development of culturally sensitive services.   

·         Influence and organise responses to government and public policies affecting members of the Traveller community.

We  deliver four programmes of support and development to the Traveller community of Greater Belfast.



The Traveller Community Health programme works with Traveller men and women across a range of activities to improve health outcomes for Traveller families. The 2010 All Ireland Traveller Health Study highlighted that average life expectancies are lower for both Traveller men and women whilst morbidity and suicide rates are considerably higher than the general population. Registration levels with GP and dental services are also lower than the general population.

The Health project is delivered in partnership with the Belfast Health and Social Services Trust and aims to address Traveller halth issues by


·         Delivering cultural awareness sessions and providing cultural awareness materials to healthcare providers

·         Raising awareness among Travellers of what health services are available through information sessions and direct advice

·         Assisting Traveller woman and their families through the GP registration process

·         Providing  advice, cultural awareness materials and cultural awareness training to health providers

·         Delivering a  wide range of health checks and therapeutic activities to the Traveller community in Belfast

Training, Education and Employability


Accessing education and training services has been identified as a challenging experience for young Travellers. Literacy and numeracy levels are below those of the general population, as are uptake and retention levels within post school training and employment provision.

In partnership with the Belfast Regeneration Office our  Education and Employability  Project works to improve this access by;

·         Securing places and supporting attendance at training provider institutions for young post school Traveller males and females

·         Delivering one to one essential skills tuition

·         Delivering accredited foundation self employment programmes

·         Delivering practical employability programmes in driving theory

·         Holding employer and trainer events


Traveller  Youth Programme

Our Traveller Youth programme is delivered in partnership with the Belfast Education and Library Board (BELB) creates opportunities for children and young people to become engaged in programmes that meet their educational, personal and social needs and provide the forum to have their voices heard. By engaging with the young Travellers aged 9 to 14 years key issues are addressed including the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and anti-social behaviour. A key target is the integration of this group with other settled youth groups

Housing Project

Irish Travellers face a number of practical challenges in securing suitable housing. We  work collaboratively with the NIHE to provide a Floating Support service to the Traveller community. The project aims to support Travellers to live independently by working with the tenant to prepare a support plan covering practical day to day needs as well as piloting the individual through the tenancy process.

Contact Details

You can contact us at:

Unit 12.2

Blackstaff Complex

77 Springfield Road


B12 7AE


Tel; 028 90438265

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