Through a holistic approach, the health project aims to Increase the positive health outcomes of Travellers, which have been identified in the All Ireland Health Study (2010) and the Belfast Trust Action Plan (2012) as a key priority, by the delivery of a Traveller specific Health Programme which reflects the Health Needs of this community.

The health project delivers a variety of health improvement activities ranging from physical activity programmes, promoting positive mental health workshops, encouraging healthy eating through practical cooking sessions to delivering information and awareness raising sessions.  These programmes and sessions can be delivered as a one off session or as a full 6-8 week workshop.  The health improvement initiatives are ongoing throughout the year in An Munia Tober and are open to the whole Traveller community.

Below are some of the activities delivered throughout the year in AMT :

  • Cook IT
  • Walking Group
  • Health Checks
  • Singing Group
  • Women’s Work shops
  • Home Visits

Activities can vary depending on needs of service users.  These services are provided throughout Belfast to all Travellers aged 18 years and over.


Other services provided by AMT Health Project

  • GP Registrations
  • Dental Registrations
  • Referrals and sign posting to other mainstream services


To make a referral or for more information see contacts below.

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