Bryson An Munia Tober Youth Project

Bryson An Munia Tober Youth Project is delivered in partnership with The Education Authority (EA) and aims to create opportunities for Traveller  Children and Young People to become engaged in programmes that meet their educational, personal and social needs and in having their voices heard.  We hope to raise the personal aspirations of individual young people while providing a safe space for them to reach their full potential. We encourage young people to explore their creativity, find their strengths and develop new Skills. We deliver a range of programmes from  After Schools Club, Young Men’s and Women’s groups, personal development programmes, arts and crafts activities, health and fitness programmes, drug and alcohol awareness and cross cultural programmes. 

Afterschool's Club

Arts & Crafts Session

Cross Cultural Group

Marrowbone Community House @ Bryson LaganSports

Young Mens Group

@ Belfast Activity Centre

Growing Respects Programme

Belfast City Councils Growing Respects Programme

Main Objectives:

  • Addressing low educational attainment.
  • Improving social mobility and raising aspirations.
  • Creating greater access to provision.
  • Promoting health and well-being.
  • Building community awareness and active participation.
  • Contribute to improving relations between communities.