DARE Steering Group

Our aim is to:

  • Encourage dialogue and create opportunities for authentic conversations about race and ethnicity;
  • To share knowledge and experience of breaking down barriers and changing the narrative around race and ethnicity;
  • Organise events to allow conversations to take place (e.g. conferences, cafe events, forum meetings, training events and face to face conversations).
  • Create the opportunity to shape future policies around race and ethnicity.

Steering Group members include:

Jo Marley Bryson Intercultural 
Susan Russam GEMS NI
Liza Wilkinson TIDES Training and Consultancy
Billy Banda Donegal Intercultural Platform
Paul Kernan Donegal Intercultural Platform
Laura Couser TIDES Training and Consultancy
Lorraine Boyd Bryson Intercultural 
Paul Murray Department for Justice NI
Gerry McGrath PSNI
Charmain Jones Rural Community Network
Suleiman Abdulahi Horn of Africa People's Aid NI
Colin Halliday The Resurgam Trust Lisburn People's Support Project 
Peter Day NI Community Relations Council
Jacqueline Irwin NI Community Relations Council