The families arriving in NI under the VPR Scheme are by definition vulnerable people, in desperate need of assistance and many have significant complex needs. The scheme requires meticulous and structured planning and in addition to the support from government and the statutory sector, the families will need the appropriate support of all who are willing to help.

We have welcomed 25 groups of Syrian refugees in Northern Ireland (1,815 people) through the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme since December 2015.  Community engagement and support is essential for the sustainability of the work we coordinate assisting refugees in NI with practical goods and basic starter packs and any contribution is highly appreciated.  


1. You can send us a cheque to the address below for the amount you wish to donate.  Please make the cheque payable to 'Bryson Care' with a covering letter specifying 'Northern Ireland Refugee Resettlement Consortium'.

Bryson Care
2 Rivers Edge
13-15 Ravenhill Road

This money is used to buy items for starter packs for the refugees and your contribution will be used for the items needed most. 

2. Any furniture and practical goods that you wish to donate please send them to the following charitable organisation below.  They are working in close partnership with the NIRR Consortium.  Please specify that the donated items are for the 'refugees programme'.

Kiltonga/Storehouse Charity
Enterprise Road, Bangor, BT19 7TA

Contact: Brian or Helen