About Us

For over 19 years the Charity has responded to changing patterns of migration and identified need, advocating and promoting human rights and equity through empowerment, collaboration and partnership approaches. It aims to help integrate those from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds into Northern Ireland society and promote good relations between all ethnic groups.

Bryson Care is a leader in working with and empowering Minority Ethnic families and their communities in Northern Ireland, including newly arrived Minority Ethnic individuals and also indigenous Irish Travellers, by promoting and supporting racial and ethnic integration in Northern Ireland.   

Bryson Care maintains partnership approaches and participates in relevant working groups and in addition it manages and co-ordinates the delivery of a range of services:

  • To reduce the stress and confusion experienced by those newly arrived in Northern Ireland, including refugees and those seeking asylum;
  • To increase the potential for those newly arrived to integrate into Northern Ireland society;
  • To promote the inclusion of Minority Ethnic individuals and communities in their local and wider communities and in society;
  • To promote active participation among individuals and communities from Minority Ethnic backgrounds;                
  • To promote understanding and respect for diversity in Northern Ireland;
  • To respond to emerging needs and, where appropriate, establish and participate in multi-agency responses to address those needs;
  • To influence and support public, voluntary and community bodies in the development of culturally sensitive services;
  • To influence and organise responses to government and public policies affecting members of ethnic communities.