Strategic Dialogues

Strategic Dialogues will be used to influence policy and practice and reinforce progress towards a peaceful and stable society.

We are offering you a range of ways to get involved in strategic dialogues about race and ethnicity.  You could get involved by joining our Intercommunity Interest Forum (IIF), availing of our free training, or attend one of our cafe style events

Whatever way you decide to get involved we want to hear and listen to your voice. 


Ways for you to get involved:

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1.     Join our Intercommunity Interest Forum (IIF). 

This forum will build meaningful relationships that support effective civic stewardship and ensure people have a sustained voice that will work through the lens of each other’s culture.  We want your views and ideas to help shape the topics and content of our events and provide direction of how to shape future policies in this area of work.

We plan to have approximately 50 member organisations from across Northern Ireland and the Border Counties involved in the Forum.It will reflect intercultural, interdenominational, community and statutory membership who are interested in issues related to our local communities in Northern Ireland the Border Counties and people living here from different countries and cultures.  We plan to meet as a Forum three to four times a year.


2.     Take part and support our strategic dialogue events.

 They will include large community dialogues, smaller cafe culture events around thematic issues, and policy influencer events with decision makers.  Sign up to our mailing list so we can keep you updated about our events. See contact details below

These events will provide opportunities to share best practice/resources, raise awareness of issues, problem solve, explore collaborative opportunities and influence policy.This feedback will enrich thinking in: Together: Building United Communities, the Regional Racial Equality Strategy and early drafts of the Refugee and Asylum Strategy for Northern Ireland.


3. You, your organisation or community group could take part in the free training on offer through our project DARE to Lead Change. Click here for more information 


Want to be part of our conversations and dialogues on race and ethnicity?  Contact us for more information 

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