No Woman left behind – event to celebrate International Women’s Day

 To celebrate and recognise International Women’s Day, Bryson An Munia Tober organised an event for Irish Traveller women and their families at Lunasa Cafe in Belfast. 

During the morning event over tea/coffee and tapas the guests heard stories and history on the Traveller Culture.  The event was organised to highlight the issues Traveller women face in Northern Ireland society including in areas of health, education, housing and discrimination. A number of Traveller women shared their insights on their experiences and various cultural traditions they have from balancing their lives as mothers, sisters, wivies, activists, grandparents and employees.  The speakers included Bridget McCann (Community Activist), Eileen Rooney (Community Activist), Ann Donahue (Community Activitist), Ann Ward (Community Activist), Mary Kitson (Equality Commission), Mayte Cala Ruiz and Barbara Purcell (Bryson An Munia Tober Health Project).

All the women shared their experiences and involvement in the community and it was an inspiring and uplifting event for all who attended. 



Two of the guests (Bridget McCann and Eileen Rooney) joined Bryson Intercultural at another event at Windsor Park and 

Eileen spoke about how travellers need a voice in society and the need to be partakers and not spectators.

Tuesday 13th March proved to be a wonderful day to celebrate not only women in our society but all minority ethnic individuals making their home here in Northern Ireland.

To view more photos from the event click here 

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