Asylum Advice Service

Bryson Intercultural Asylum Advice Service is sub-contracted by Migrant Help UK to provide asylum support in Northern Ireland. Migrant Help UK is a leading national charity offering support, guidance and accommodation to vulnerable migrants across the UK.

Bryson Intercultural Asylum Advice Service provides asylum seekers with first contact and information for claiming asylum in Northern Ireland. We advise and support asylum seekers with initiating their Home Office asylum application and accessing temporary Initial Accommodation and financial assistance, known as Section 98 support. Section 98 support is provided to asylum seekers who are destitute and awaiting a decision on their application for Section 95 asylum support.

Section 95 support is provision of accommodation and financial assistance for asylum seekers through the National Asylum Support Service (NASS) system. We assist in making Section 95 support applications to the Home Office.

Our service also provides advice and support for asylum seekers whose application for asylum have been refused but may have entitlement to avail of Section 4 support, which consists of accommodation and non-financial (non-cash) support.

Applications for Section 96 support are also made through our service. Section 96 provision is an additional support option available for asylum seekers currently in receipt of Section 95 support who experience ‘exceptional’ need. Click Asylum Support for further information on Home Office support provisions.

We further provide advice and guidance in several other asylum-related areas:

  • Briefing on the NASS process and time scales involved
  • Liaising with NASS regarding progress of application
  • Liaising with Home Office regarding support provision
  • Issuing of Aspen payment cards and dealing with payment enquires and issues
  • Registration of new dependents on existing support claims
  • Applying for maternity financial support
  • Applying for HC1 health certificate and renewal of HC2 certificate
  • Issuing of Aspen cards to new asylum seekers
  • Resolving financial payment issues
  • Provision of information on legal representation for asylum applications
  • Signposting for education, health, social and integration programmes
  • Assessment and referral of urgent needs, e.g. clothing, medical
  • Referral to appropriate statutory, non-statutory, volunteer and independent services
  • Advice and referral on problems faced such as racial harassment, domestic violence, health concerns, destitution, and those who have experienced trafficking
  • Supporting access to community groups.

We are a non-governmental agency and provide a free and confidential service. Our staff are not employed by the UKBA. Our Immigration Advisors are OISC accredited.